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5 Things You Must Know about Pike Fishing

Pike is one predatory fish I really enjoy chasing. It’s extremely aggressive, powerful and a spectacular catch.  There are also many myths related to pike fishing. Some of them are [...]
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Top 10 Zander / Walleye Soft Baits

I’ve been asked a lot, during some endless chat with different fishermen, what lures do I like most, what are my favorites for some specific application. You know, the same [...]
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Personal Record Trout on Salmo Lures

It all started when we got back from Knin, a beautiful town in Croatia, where the Trout World Championship from shore took place. Me and Andrei, were the captains of [...]
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Aiming for the perfect cast, the ultimate casting technique

4BBWCH Cuchillo81-5XI9
What if I told you that you are able to catch more fish by making less casts? That you could get more strikes using the same lures and techniques as [...]
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Get the most out of your fishing lures

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely go wild when I end up in a fishing store. It’s really something I can’t control. There’s always a type of [...]
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