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Troutin’ Journal From The Wild Wild North – Part 1

Lets leave tackle reviews aside for a few moments. It’s time for another Troutin’ Story, this time in the far north, the far end of Sweden, beyond the polar circle. I never thought [...]
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Relax Kopyto, a legendary soft bait?

Relax is one of the biggest and most respected soft lure companies in Europe. It started from Poland in the mid 90′s and extended gradually, soon to be reaching the [...]
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Do BOCA BEARINGS really make a difference?

In the past years tuning and customizing reels got a voice of it’s own, and starts to change the face of fishing. Faster bearings, lighter and lighter spools, more performant [...]
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Trout Hiking – Part 2

I finally cracked the glacier rout code.
After a long night sleep in our comfy Coleman tent a coffee was really refreshing at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. I was going to fish the largest, and deepest [...]
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Trout Hiking – Part 1

Still not tired? You'll have to climb this to go to bed :)).
It all started last year, with an exceptional trout fishing trip trough Romania for a week, when I’ve fished all over the country, trout only. Rivers, lakes, whatever I could [...]
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5 Things You Must Know about Pike Fishing

Pike is one predatory fish I really enjoy chasing. It’s extremely aggressive, powerful and a spectacular catch.  There are also many myths related to pike fishing. Some of them are [...]
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Top 10 Zander / Walleye Soft Baits

I’ve been asked a lot, during some endless chat with different fishermen, what lures do I like most, what are my favorites for some specific application. You know, the same [...]
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