Fishing Lifestyle is a story about everyday fishing. Well, not really a story, more like an experiment. The result of mixing our lives with fishing. We travel, take pictures, test lures, rods and reels, sometimes even build them, compete in different fishing tournaments and write all about it.
In the end it’s all meant to deliver rough information about how to improve your fishing experience.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is addressed to people with a strong passion for fishing, deeply in love with nature, people who would like to know every little detail related to their hobby, who constantly experiment new things (being tackle, techniques or new places to fish), permanently trying to evolve as a fisherman. They realized long ago that fishing success is more than just sheer luck. People for which fishing is not just a hobby anymore, it’s a lifestyle. People like us.

About Adrian

Professional angler, web enthusiast and tackle fanatic. Always in search for new things that can improve his fishing.
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