Dorado Invader 4cm Shad – crankbait review

Poland is no stranger to lurebuilding manufacturers. It probably has as many lure production companies as Japan does. They all seem to be fitting in the same category: foam crankbaits. There are of course some rare sightings of hard plastic hardbaits. As I said…. Rare!

Dorado Triada company has a very vast array of hardbaits, ranging from the very small, as the Dorado Magic 1.8cm, which is probably the smallest production crankbait I own, to big cahona pike jerkbaits, that are very popular in Europe.

For this review we chose Dorado Invader I4, which is a very versatile lure, and can be found in either floating and sinking version, which is a plus in my book.

Dorado Invader – Lure Specifications
Manufacturer Dorado
Lure type Shad
Length 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 11 cm & 14cm
Weight 2.2gr/3.5gr , 3gr/5 gr, 6gr/8gr, 9gr/12gr, 14gr/18gr, 20gr/25gr, 25gr/32gr, 30g/38g
Colors/Patterns 23 colors listed on the Dorado Triada website
Buoyancy Floating & Sinking
Diving depth up to 1.2 m to 9 m for the largest of them
MSRP 3.5€ ( around 5$ )

I say it’s a very versatile bait, because it can be easily fished really efficient in both flowing water and still waters. This lure is stable in very fast flowing currents, and it can be fished at a very slow pase in lakes for e.g.

Packing is as simple as it gets… Nothing fancy, just what it takes to keep the lure safe.

Finish: As you’d expect from a Polish foam lure there’s nothing spectacular about it at first sight, but it has some really interesting detailed patterns, probably the best minnow patterns I’ve seen on a lure. No 3d eyes, and no detailed carved scales, but that’s just for the fisherman to notice. The fish will never notice these details. I’d have to say I’d love a few highly reflective metallic patterns amongst their actual colors. Other than that, the coating is as tough as it gets. Much tougher in time compared to much higher priced JDM lures I own. I have some Dorado lures for more than 2-3 years now, and even after lots and lot of fish caught they still looks like new, which is a real bonus.

Dorado Invader 4cm has a very nice array of patterns

Dorado invader 4cm - a very nice array of patterns

This is a shad type of crankbait, which has a typical shad design, nothing fancy, just the essentials for catching fish. The lip seems to be polycarbonate, and is as tough as it gets.

Terminals: At this price I didn’t expect high quality trebles, but Mustad has trebles much better than these, at the same price-point, like the 3551 , I would certainly prefer the other, as they are heavyer wire construction, sharper, and I wouldn’t probably go to the trouble of changing them. They have the same trebles as the Krakusek, and they bend quite easily. I’ve lost a good sized trout because I was lazy changing them. Other than the trebles, the split rings look to be tough, and … you guessed it: it has thru’ wire construction, which make them ideal for saltwater fishing as well. Saltwater is probably the ultimate battering test a lure can get. I’ve had some plastic lures fail on me even in freshwater… So you understand where all of this is coming from.

Mustad produces much better trebles at the same price point.

Mustad produces much better trebles at the same price point.

Casting and diving depth: Even though they don’t feature long casting system, 8 out of 10 casts they fly like they had the system, without tumbling through the air. It’s most likely because the line tie is in front of the lure, considering it’s a deep diver. The 4 cm invader is really castable on a light to medium-light outfit. You’ll be able to fish the sinking version on finesse baitcasters if ever faced with the challenge, but you’ll be limited in casting distance. You’ll most certainly be able to cast the 5cm one, and very well for that matter.

Notice the polycarbonate lip is stamped with the Dorado name

Notice the polycarbonate lip is stamped with the Dorado name

Dorado makes the invader in lengths up to 14cm, with which they brag of catching lots of double digit pike and catfish. The 4 cm version dives up to 1.6-1.8m on a very long cast.

Action: They got me on the first cast. I instantly knew they would be killers. They have a medium-tight wobble: not to tight, but not to wide either. I’d say just perfect. I would love if they all ran true straight out of their packaging, but I would be lying if I told you so. Some of them need a little twitching, but in the end you’ll get them running.


I mainly use them for lake trout, chub, and have to mention zander (walleye) and asp as well. It’s a good lure, that I don’t leave home without, especially when fishing those finicky wild lake trout. It certainly does the trick for me. Try them out, they might work for you as well.

They also have really good match the hatch patterns for what trout and other fish are foraging upon.

Dorado Invader  4 cm – Ratings (?/10)
Design A really good universal shad shape body with a strong deep diving poly lip. It has a really tough finish on it, and lots and lots of really fishable patterns, especially if you’re in the match the hatch game. 7
Features It’s amazingly castable, even though it lacks a long casting system. The trebles need replacement, at least in my opinion. A very large array of very good patterns to chose from. The finish is almost unbreakable, and considering they are foam, even when punctured you shouldn’t have problems with them. They can be found both sinking and floating, which is a big plus in some cases. 7
Application / Performance They have an excellent action, but not all run true right out of the box. With minor tweaking you’ll get them running straight. They can be fished very well in both flowing and still water, and can be both burned and fished at a very slow pase if needed. They are amongst my favorite lake trout baits, and they caught me both chub and walleye. Don’t be afraid to use the larger ones as well. Great action with those as well. 8.7
Price As with most polish lures they have a really good pricing. I’d go with the 3551 Mustad trebles, but that’s just a personal opinion. 9
Overall Final Grade 7.92
Trout seem to like them :D

Trout seem to like them :D

Conclusion: Invader is a cheap lure, for every pocket. I prefer action over the lure’s actual outer-looks in any given day of the week. They’re a must have in my tackle box. The more patterns the merrier. As Dorado mentions on their website: “These lures are designed to catch fish not anglers!”. I would have to agree with that saying.

About Andrei

Professional angler, rodbuilder, lurebuilder, if it's about fishing you name it, he does it. He hates "relaxing", and takes each day as a challange. Whenever he's got a spare moment he's either fishing, cycling, hiking or training his ass at the gym. He's fishing for more than 20 years now. Strictly on artifficial baits from the age of 7, he's always on the look out for the newest stuff and techniques out there.
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  1. Marius
    Posted August 14, 2011 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    Nice ones these invaders. I’ve got one, a green-redish pattern. Nice working when it sinks and, of course, good catcher.
    Good job, Andrei.

  2. Posted December 22, 2015 at 6:11 am | Permalink

    Hi Clint Great catch and great resort. I see you are at FL Resort. I was there when the bisgget recorded trout was caught on Sept 24/2012 by Trent Nellis 8lbs 3oz. He was using a Lucky Bug and I would like to stay thanks to him as I did catch some later that day but quite as biggggg as his. Thanks Trent.

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