Aiming for the perfect cast, the ultimate casting technique

What if I told you that you are able to catch more fish by making less casts? That you could get more strikes using the same lures and techniques as before, but with less casting effort.

You would probably say it’s impossible, that there has to be a catch. Well, fortunately there’s no catch, it’s just adding a small amount of focus and understanding to your fishing. So let’s see what this whole thing is about.

I truly believe that the power and success of a good fisherman lies in his ability to remain focused over a long period of time. This is something I realized after participating at quite a few competitions and fishing events, where I met very talented and skilled fishermen.

If you really want to get the most out of a cast, you have to cast to the place with the biggest probability of holding fish. And not just cast towards that place, cast exactly in that spot, so the fish has to make the smallest effort to grab your lure. This means that in order to have a perfect presentation of the lure, you have to focus on a perfect cast, maybe wait a little or change place until your direction is right. It only takes 6 steps to lead you to that perfect cast.

1. Localization
Or the famous saying:”Think like a fish”. This means understanding where the fish are in that time of the year, on that specific water, in that exact moment of the day. You usually find out all of these things by making small experiments. After catching your first fish, you will start getting a clue of where the fish are hiding.
I always go fishing with a plan in mind. The thing is that most of the times, this strategy changes based on the feedback I get from the fish. It’s hard to pick the winning solution from your home couch. So get on the water and start testing.

2. Think in advance

At the end of each cast, locate the spot for the next cast. Just before you finish your cast, find the next spot that has a big probability of holding fish. This also implies to wait a little bit, if you don’t find a hot spot right away. Do not hurry. Fish calmly and set your own pace.

3. Find the best place from where you can make that perfect cast
When you actually locate the next “best spot” try to get the best position for a natural and tempting presentation.

If you fish from shore, maybe there are bushes, big rocks or other obstacles that stand between you and the spot where you think the fish are hiding. Try to move and find the best place for making the cast. Even if you’re boat fishing there’s always one position that will bring you a very precise cast. Wait until you get to that perfect angle. A bad cast from an uncomfortable position can spook the fish away. Especially the big and cautious ones.

4. Wait and focus.
Before making your cast, try to visualize it. Think about the trajectory of the lure for about 3 seconds. Have in mind a perfect landing of that lure, you want to get the word temptation written all over it.

5. Make the cast
Ok, it’s finally time to cast the lure. Focus on having an elegant and silent landing, and depending on the lure type, focus on reaching the desired water dept, in case you’re fishing with a sinking lure.

6. Imagine the underwater bait evolution
Try to visualize the evolution that your bait has underwater. This will become pretty easy if you follow the steps mentioned here. By focusing on underwater evolution you will actually give your bait a more natural swim. Try not to fish like a robot, using mechanical moves. Even though it may work sometimes, most of the times it doesn’t. It’s ok to be repetitive, but just try to add some spicy moves from time to time. It’s usually when the strike happens.

Ok, so there you have it. The recipe for improving your casting abilities.

Maybe at the beginning this step process seams a little confusing, but I guarantee that with persistence you will start getting a much better fish response. This means having more strikes…and more fun:).

Soon it will all become habitual and easy. In the end it’s all about practice, and then with less physical effort (less casts – more focus and concentration) it will significantly increase the number of fish you catch.

No I suggest you run to the nearest water and try it out! Cause that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

About Adrian

Professional angler, web enthusiast and tackle fanatic. Always in search for new things that can improve his fishing.
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