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Yo-Zuri/Duel Hardcore 50-SH

As you can see JDM tackle has really taken it’s toll on us. Today we’re going to review/reveal another Japan hardbait. Most of us have tried, or at least heard [...]
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Bomber Pro Long A – jerkbait review

Today we’re going to focus on a US based company with a long and successful history, founded by two anglers-turned-lure-designers about 65 years ago. They started producing different lure models [...]
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Dorado Invader 4cm Shad – crankbait review

Poland is no stranger to lurebuilding manufacturers. It probably has as many lure production companies as Japan does. They all seem to be fitting in the same category: foam crankbaits. [...]
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Krakusek, hand made lures from Poland

One of the reasons we decided to switch to a tackle review blog is that we felt there are a lot of lures that don’t get the attention they deserve. [...]
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Jackall Diving Chubby 38 – small deep crankbait review

Jackall is amongst the fastest growing tackle companies from Japan, one of which have made it to the US market. They always seem to amaze us with radical design, and [...]
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Fiberglass vs. Graphite Fishing Rods

Are fiberglass rods outdated? Will high modulus graphite take over? Can a graphite rod challenge fiberglass’s authority in cranking? These are all common questions I bump into when discussing rod [...]
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Trout Hiking – Part 2

I finally cracked the glacier rout code.
After a long night sleep in our comfy Coleman tent a coffee was really refreshing at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. I was going to fish the largest, and deepest [...]
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